Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taken for a Ride

Citizens and General Motors workers are being taken for a ride by the Obama administration’s plan to restructure GM.

The first article linked below , by Greg Palast, details how Obama’s “Car Czar,” Steven Rattner, is illegally pushing for the seizing of workers’ pension funds to pay off GM’s creditors --- namely JP Morgan Chase financial corporation and Citibank financial corporation.

The second link, an article by POCLAD principal Mike Ferner, critiques the effort to reform the auto corporation. Needed, instead, is a commitment to replace GM with a cooperative economic structure which converts industrial infrastructure to producing light rail, bullet trains and cleaner buses -- reliable and sustainable transportation.

Grand Theft Auto: The Bankruptcy of General Motors
by Greg Palast

We Don't Need the General Motors Corp.
by Mike Ferner


This is What Democracy in Ohio Looks Like: Ohio’s Democratic/Self-Determination Infrastructure

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