Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Put an end to private health insurance

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Coleridge is the director of the Economic Justice & Empowerment Program, Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee.

Since President Barack Obama will be at Shaker Heights High School on Thursday, taking questions on health care, I've got one for him:

Who should have the final say on the type of health care patients receive under any reformed system?

A. Patients and their doctors

B. Insurance corporations

If A is his answer, his solution should be one that shuts out insurance corporations that make billions of dollars by denying coverage to millions of Americans.

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  1. Greg, I googled "take our democracy back" and found your posts. What a relief to know you and others are out there thinking. I keep asking myself how so many can be deluded into thinking we still have a democracy when our legislators are selling it to the highest bidders. Why are we the people allowing this??? There is a screaming silence on this in the mainstream media save for a few notable exceptions like mnbc.

    There is no chance of reform for any of our current crises until we publicly finance campaigns at an equitable level and make it illegal for legislators to accept bribes. It would cost a fraction of what we are paying as a result of the legislation written by corporations against us. Trying to tackle anything before this happens is futile. I think the only way to bring this about is through grassroots revolt. How can we do it?

    I read that Richard Dreyfuss is heading a foundation to educate people on civics. I really think that is the root of the problem and a long term solution. People today don't know the constitution or bill of rights. They don't know when their rights are being violated. They don't seem to understand that corporations are writing our laws for their own benefit and bleeding us dry, polluting our planet, and robbing us of our health and health care.

    Thanks for all you're doing.