Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cancer stick corporations claim first amendment rights

Cigarette corporations claim that legislation signed by President Obama in June violate their “free speech” rights — as if business corporations should have Bill of Rights protections to begin with.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco corporation and Lorillard Tobacco corporation (second and third largest US cigarette makers) are among several corporations that have filed suit against the law.

The legislation didn’t ban nicotine or tobacco (which would have been fine by me) but simply regulates what goes into tobacco products and how they are marketed. Yet even this is too much for the transnational cigarette corporations.

A revolution in this country was fought, in part, to permit individuals the right to speak freely. Two hundred years later, the power and ability of human beings to control our own environment and health is being compromised by so-called free speech “rights” of corporations to hock their cancer sticks to the public, including children.

It’s ridiculous and perverse. It needs to become unconstitutional.

Tobacco Rules Challenged in U.S. Free-Speech Lawsuit

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