Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Country is BROKEN Because the System is FIXED — ps

I wrote an article [ ] with this title several weeks ago after having seen a photo of a random man wearing a t-shirt with this slogan at Occupy DC. I thought it was a perfect slogan summarizing our problems and the direction we must pursue. It inspired me to write the article.

A few days ago I received an email from him. Amazing!

Turns out Selden frequently googles the term to see what turns up. He read the article and approved of its message that the US constitution should be amended in response to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision extending never-intended corporate constitutional rights.

What he wrote next was even more remarkable. It so happens that Selden worked for one year in the International Division of the American Friends Service Committee in Philadelphia! He said the experience “permanently affected my view of society and the world economy.” AFSC has certainly had a similar effect on my awareness...coupled with those who have been educating and organizing to abolish “corporate personhood” and the legal doctrine that “money is speech.”

He also said he wanted to “honor the circle that led, somehow, from one F/friend to another.”

Much, if not most, of the time we never know the impact of our social action deeds — never able to complete of own circle of sorts. That’s the nature of the work. Quantifying outcomes can be nebulous when the task is to change structures or institutions, including constitutions and corporations. But we do them anyway because of our faith, compassion, commitment and/or will. But every once in a while, sometimes by accident, we’re able to catch a glimpse of at least some impact of what we do for others — where it all somehow, someway circles back and connects.

Selden saw that. At a much larger scale, Rosa Parks was able to eventually see the results of what she did on this very day in 1955 when she refused to give up her seat to a white person — sparking the Civil Rights movement which benefited her, other people of color and all the rest of us.

May we all be so fortunate to witness, on occasion, the effects of our cause.

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  1. More importantly, can those that will be hope the most by our cause, see the effects!!!