Monday, July 2, 2012

Declaration of Independence from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

What gall. How incredibly brazen. Of all days.

Today, July 2, is the first day of an 8 day gathering of over 600 pro-corporate representatives from a dozen nations in San Diego. Their goal is to push for a Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a pro-corporate globalization treaty that if passed, would cede American sovereignty of land and law to corporations.
TPP negotiators are considering a dispute resolution process that would grant transnational corporations special rights to challenge countries’ laws, regulations and court decisions in international tribunals that usurp domestic judicial systems.

TPP: Direct from the San Diego Negotiations: Last Chance to Save Democracy

So much for self-governance. Self-determination. Democracy.

Of all days.

Today, July 2, is the anniversary of the passage of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It was signed on July 4 but it was passed by the Continental Congress on July 2.

It's time once more to Declare our Independence from a centralized, undemocratic authority.

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Let others know.
Contact your Congressperson and Senators.

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