Thursday, March 7, 2013

Petition to Revoke Corporate Charters

This letter was sent yesterday...

Ohio State Senator Mike Skindell
Ohio State Senator Shirley Smith
Ohio State Representative Bob Hagan
Ohio State Representative Mike Foley
Ohio State Representative Nickie Antonio
Ohio State Representative Zack Milkovich


Attached please find a petition being delivered today, March 6, to the office of Attorney General Mike DeWine. It calls on him to initiate charter revocation (called "quo warranto") proceedings against the corporations owned by Ben Lupo.

You may know that Mr. Lupo, d/b/a one or more of as many as 20 corporate fronts, apparently instructed his employees to dump as much as 250,000 gallons of waste materials from unconventional horizontal hydraulic fracturing into the City of Youngstown's storm sewer system, knowing or having reason to know that the system was connected ultimately and directly to the Mahoning River.

The attached petition calls on Attorney General DeWine to respond not with a fine or revocation of a permit, but a revocation of his corporate charter(s) -- a common response used by our forebears in Ohio in response to corporations acting beyond their authority as defined in their corporate charters. Quo warranto proceedings were once used routinely  as a democratic tool by Ohio legislatures and courts to affirm the sovereign power of We the People over corporate, which are, after all, creations of government. 

The petition to Attorney General Mike DeWine is offered in the spirit of affirming that We the People and our elected representatives possess and should utilize this democratic tool to ensure that corporations are ultimately subordinate to us. It is also a legal means for elected officials and the courts to protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens. Please consider urging the AG to initiate such proceedings. 

Ohio Revised Code (Chapter 2733) describes quo warranto. It identifies the Ohio General Assembly as another state entity which can commence a quo warranto proceeding. This may be an option you may wish to consider if the Attorney General fails to fulfill his duty.

Thank you kindly for your consideration.


Greg Coleridge
Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee
[a Quaker social action organization]
Address: 2101 Front St., #111, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Phone: 330-928-2301
Fax: 330-928-2628

Here's news coverage of it...

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