Thursday, April 22, 2010

Links to 4 Videos and 4 Articles on Corporate Personhood

These are all excellent resources...


Ben Manski & Lisa Graves at the March to Overrule the Court
February 17, 2010 — Ben Manski, executive director of Liberty Tree along with Lisa Graves, executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy, spoke to the March to Overrule the Court, at the Wisconsin State Capitol on Tuesday, February 16th. The demonstration was organized in coordination with and the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Talk - David Cobb & Riki Ott - Organizing Community to Abolish Corporate Personhood
Talk by David Cobb with Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County and Riki Ott, Executive Director of Ultimate Civics, on "Organizing Community to Abolish Corporate Personhood" given March 4, 2010 at Thomson Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, WA. v=2tzWKjF3zQc&feature=PlayList&p=CAB46B18AA209A63&playnext_from=PL&index=0&playnext=1

Corporations Aren’t People – Video contest
See all 8 entries at (my favorites are #2 and #8)

CorpOrNation (an oldy but goody!)
The Story of Citizens and Corporations in Ohio
Produced by the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee


Corporations Aren't Persons
By Matthew Rothschild, April 2010 issue

Corporations are People Too
By Ben Manski and Lisa Graves

On the Supreme Court
By Richard Grossman
April 15, 2010

Citizens United Ruling A Windfall For Consultants, TV Stations
Ryan Grim

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