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Bill Moyers, Resolutions, and the March Primary Elections

We had an energetic conference call on Saturday. The meeting notes are below. Thanks to Michael Greenman from Columbus for preparing them.


Bill Moyers supports Move to Amend. http://vimeo.com/35388815
Forward the link, share on social media, etc...


Several communities are looking into passing resolutions calling for an end to corporate personhood and/or money as speech — beginning with Athens. Draft language of the Athens resolution (as of a couple of weeks ago) is posted on our Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/MovetoAmendOhio

The prototype Move to Amend resolution language (their proposed 28th Amendment) is at

Contact 330-928-2301 or gcoleridge@afsc.org if you’d like some guidance or help.


The March primary elections are just a few short weeks away. One US Senate seat and all US House seats are up for grabs. It’s a great time to raise the issues of money as speech and never-intended corporate constitutional rights. Here are 4 ideas
1. Circulate the Move to Amend petition outside or inside debates, forums, meetings or anywhere else candidates will be attending. Download a petition at http://www.movetoamendohio.org/
2. Hand out a Move to Amend flier with the proposed 28th Amendment at the abovementioned events. Several fliers are available on their website -- the best one is a 1/2 page version with the proposed 28th amendment on one side with Move to Amend info on the other side.
3. Dress up as a corporation. Ask candidates if you should possess inalienable Bill of Rights protections. If outside where a Presidential candidate will be attending, hold a sign saying “I’m a person and am willing to be your Vice President!” Direction on constructing a corporate costume is at http://movetoamend.org/occupythecourts under “Instructions to Make a Corporate Personhood Costume,”
4. Request your candidates for federal office complete a survey asking if they agree with Mitt Romney that corporations are “persons” and should possess constitutional rights. The survey is at http://www.afsc.net/PDFFiles/CorpPersonhoodSurvey.doc [Note: Make sure to fill in the candidate’s name before handing or sending it to him/her.]


Move to Amend Ohio Conference Call
Saturday, January 28 / 10 am - 11 am

Attendance: Dick Bozian (Cincinnati); Greg Coleridge (Cleveland); Michael Greenman (Central Ohio); Karen Hansen (Central Ohio); Doug Jambard-Sweet (Toledo); Mary Nichols-Rhodes (Akron); Carol Wagner (Akron); Robert and Sally Jo Wiley (Athens).
* Occupy the Courts reports / other local reports

-Columbus/Athens – (Michael and Karen) Friday 20 Jan – bitter cold – 120-125 people – lots of signs, great talks – Occupy Columbus – Athens (Democracy over Corporations) group – from several other locations – Met afterwards at Progress Ohio for Potluck. One politician plus three other candidates. Sally Jo – 15th Congressional district candidate was busy, told him his opponent was there!
-Dick – (Cincinnati) – very cold – two state representatives there, Occupy, League of Women Voters, AIR, Common Cause of Ohio; Interfaith Alliance. Very active group – building a coalition of all of them
-Doug (Toledo) – linked to MTA a couple of weeks ago. About 20 people at Federal Courthouse. Traffic responded.
-Greg (Cleveland) – 60-70 people in front of Courthouse, marched. 3 dressed as “corporations”. 1%ers had megaphones – showing that their voices were disproportionately loud. People in tunics: “End Corporate Personhood” on front. Money taped over their mouths showing their voices are silenced. AP was there and got pictures in national media.
-Carol (Akron) – 15-20 people. Spoke out slogans. “Money is not Speech”; “End Corporate Personhood”; coverage in local papers.

* Municipal resolutions

There are already a dozen or so around the country with various wordings.
-Athens – Sally Jo – Their proposal is before Athens City Council. It was discussed last week. On Feb 6 they will take a vote. Two women asked for language to be stronger: asking state and federal government to get on board! Will be first in Ohio.
Next going for County Commissioners – stretching into Vinton and Morgan Counties, trying to get groups going there.
One of our members ran and is on City Council, so very helpful.
(Greg will post language on Facebook and Web Site)
Columbus (Michael, Karen) – one of members is friend of City Council Chair – talking to him. Michael sent letter to Mayor suggesting Columbus could be first in state. No response.
-Toledo (Doug)– contact with liberal City Council Member. Indicated would like to get more popular support to bring resolution to city council. Suggested getting letters of support from civic groups. Going to Democratic Clubs to present the information. Not as widely publicized as in other communities.
-Cincinnati – (Dick) - Parallel initiative. At state level putting in petition for reform of redistricting.
-Cleveland – (Cuyahoga) (Greg) – City Council spoke at OTC so local MTA meeting on Tuesday will strategize how to approach City Council.
Greg – Suggestions: Take the time and figure out ways to maximize education and media attention. Worst is to have something passed quickly that no one knows about. What can we do to have a public hearing or a town hall meeting prior to that; a rally, a vigil, write letters before hand to get visibility?
-Sally Jo – talking about ours in city council for a month. Best approach is to write letters to the editor – once a week. Athens Messenger, Athens News – letters to the Editor. Encouraging “Mardi Gras” celebration on Monday.
-Carol – Plans for Akron City Council? Greg: Akron may not work, but County Council might be a good approach. Mary – Summit County Council – let’s pursue.
Greg encourages to post on Facebook Page: “Move to Amend Ohio”. Send to Jeff Klein at Toledo who does the web site: Jeff.warrenproffitt@gmail.com

* Proposal for MTA workshop at Ohio Rootscamp

-Karen – annual event – nationwide – every community puts together day-long meeting of grass-roots organizations. Come in morning, sign up for slot you’d like to make your presentation. Have one hour to make presentation and discussion. Hundreds show up. Very successful. About 8 tracks, each having 5 or 6 workshops.
Saturday, February 25 at Ohio Civil Service Employees Association, 390 Worthington Rd., Suite A.
– Michael and Karen– will discuss with Columbus group this morning.
Sally – friend who is banker could talk about problems. Also talk about resolution.
Karen will be point person – others contact her to link in. to be a part of the session: Klh.ohio@gmail.com 280-3631

* Ohio State Constitutional Panel formation

Greg - Columbus Dispatch described fact that every 20 years in Ohio there is to be consideration of a constitutional convention. State is looking at opportunity – doesn’t like the idea. Setting up commission – 12 legislators + 20 citizens from around the state to review the constitution and make recommendations to modernize, reform it. Anyone can submit their information to participate.
Opportunity to remove some of the powers of corporations?
Deadline is February 1! Get your information in if interested.
Good opportunity!

* Website/Facebook

Any reports, put them on Facebook.
Michael – Encourage people to “Friend” the site, and to add more local pages.
Web site manager Jeff Klein – contact to put items on the site: Jeff.warrenproffitt@gmail.com

* National MTA report
Karen – when make Ohio a formal state group? Greg – need to have affiliation by cities representing more than 50% of population. With 3 “C”s as affiliates, we would have enough. Columbus is an affiliate, Cleveland and Cincinnati are not yet. Go to MTA web site to download application process.
“United for the People” – coalition of groups supporting effort to get amendment. Number of different efforts – all deal with different aspects. http://united4thepeople.org/
Sign as many petitions as you can to get attention to this issue.
-Availability of names on petitions to affiliates? Greg says has availability to people who signed papers petitions and not to those who signed on line. Greg will check on availability.

*Upcoming Primaries in Ohio
-March 6 in Ohio
- Michael – Will make a card based on the letter sent to Ohio Congressional delegation to take to meetings asking candidates if they believe corporations are persons, yes or no, if no, what they will do about it.
-Dress up as a corporation with sign as “potential vice presidential candidate”. Multiple corps, saying “pick me” (at Presidential forums). With money hanging out of pockets.
-Hand out MTA flyers
-Half page sheet with amendment on back, simple statement on front (Greg will send out).
-Poster and bumper sticker available from MTA.
-Greg will send out letter to all congressional delegation – Take it to debates or meetings, get candidates to sign.
-Mary – Each in our area get team of people with corporate costume so when find out someone is in the area, get crash team to go to the event.
-Greg – MTA web site has instructions on how to make Corporate costume.

* Next meeting/facilitator

- February 18 – 4:00 – Karen Facilitate; Dick will take notes.

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