Thursday, January 19, 2012

"I'll believe a corporation is a person when..."

Thank you to everyone who contributed suggestions. You are a creative bunch!

Feel free to share these at Occupy the Courts actions (there are now over 130 cities with planned actions) and/or with your friends via email and social networks tomorrow. It’s one way to mark the second anniversary of the bizarre Citizens United decision extending never-intended corporate constitutional rights.

“I'll believe a corporation is a person when...
... Arizona deports one
... Texas executes one
... Massachusetts marries two of them
... The US government issues one a Social Security number
... one gets a STD after jumping in bed with an elected representative
... one returns from the Mideast with PTSD
... the CIA extradites one to Guantanamo
... one sacrifices its life in military service
... one is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
... one is baptized
... one dies from hunger or sickness
... one falls in love
... one is awed by beauty
... one is humbled by things it does not know
… it is NOT too big to JAIL
… one values the life and well being of any one individual before it's own existence
… The Ohio State University graduates one
... Ohio denies two same sex marriage (and divorce) rights
... one can't find a job
… one is elected president or dies in childbirth.
… one is put in prison (which would most likely be for defrauding its investors)
... one dies and is buried in a cemetery
… it grows a heart
… it develops a conscience
... one stays up all night with a sick baby, a troubled teen, or a dying parent
… one worries about the meaning of life
… one is capable of empathy
… one has an ultrasound detected heartbeat
… when its conception occurs in utero
… one is actually held responsible for its actions
… one adopts any of those babies delivered from the women who were denied access to a legal abortion
.... they have to register for the draft
… when one gets pregnant, gives birth and breastfeeds the newborn.
… our budget is balanced
… the created is equal to the creator
… one gives up their personhood to save another person
… they pay their fair share of taxes
… disco music is finally eradicated from the face of the earth
… Lucy lets Charlie Brown kick the football
… a winter storm warning is posted for hell
… Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. return to Earth and declare corporations are people.
… one teaches a child
… they all start laughing out loud at these remarks
... it shows me its birth certificate
‎... it grows an opposable thumb.
... when gepetto makes it a real boy
... they are able to reproduce sexually
... one endorses Ron Paul for President."
And finally…
"I will never believe a corporation is a person."

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  1. Amazing! Thanks for posting my comment too! All of the responses are so great