Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Help complete this sentence: "I'll believe a corporation is a person when..."

In commemoration of the second anniversary this Friday of the Citizens United decision which extended never-intended rights of people (personhood) to corporations, your help is needed to complete the sentence below.

A list will be compiled and send Thursday night. It can then be read if desired by organizers of the Occupy the Courts events in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Akron and Toledo. For those unable to attend any one of the events, you can forward the completed list to your own email lists, Facebook page or blog — as a way to commemorate the day wherever you are.

“I'll believe a corporation is a person when...
[Add to the list]
... Arizona deports one
... Texas executes one
... Massachusetts marries two of them
... The US government issues one a Social Security number
... one gets a STD after jumping in bed with an elected representative
... one returns from the Mideast with PTSD
... the CIA extradites one to Guantanamo
... one sacrifices its life in military service
... one is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
... one is baptized
... one dies from hunger or sickness
... one falls in love
... one is awed by beauty
... one is humbled by things it does not know

For details of the Occupy the Courts actions in the abovementioned communities, go to

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  1. I'll believe a corporation is a person when it takes responsibility for their actions.